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The Pogon Tales: Robot Adventures™

Enjoy another book from The Pogon Tales: Robot Adventures™, funny stories from a world where all the life is mechanical and all the machines are probably alive.

Heart of Princess Twirlica

This is a story about a charming, well-oiled and beautifully ticking princess robot, whose heart suddenly stops.

No one knows how to cure her. Everyone in her kingdom has become sad.

Until a noble and mysterious foreigner arrives on the scene...

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Princess Triara's Knight

How do you rescue a princess from a tower made of sharp precious metals and slippery stones? Many Pogons tried and failed and then needed a new paint job.

The rescue required a novel approach and a shiny pear-gear.

And you will also learn why it’s good to be brave, clever and handsome!

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The Smelly Secret of Powdles

When little Tinsel dreams about having a pet powdle (robotic dog) he doesn’t know powdles have a nasty secret.

Dive with Tinsel into the wondrous Ponderoids’ city to investigate what the powdle’s secret is.

Warning: this book also contains a cute robotic kitten!

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Clumsy Robot Arnie

This is book for all the slightly clumsy little androids with glasses, who like books and think that there are things they cannot do.

This book proves you can do anything if you try really hard. Just watch Arnie learn how to ride a jet bicycle...

And the best bit is – you can even be better than your daddy!

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